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Medical services in Nosara, Dominical and surrounding areas with emergency assistance and ambulances
We're always here to help you get better, sooner.
From emergency care to preventive care, we've got you covered.
Top-rated Clinic based on 1,545 reviews
Our clinic is a one-stop shop for all your medical needs. We offer a wide range of services, from emergency care to preventive care. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible care. We're always here to help you get better, sooner.
General medic consultation
Personalized medical evaluation addressing a broad range of health concerns and preventive measures, conducted by experienced professionals to guide you towards optimal well-being.
A non-invasive test to record the electrical activity of the heart, aiding in diagnosing various heart conditions and monitoring heart health.
Ear Flush
A gentle cleaning procedure for the removal of excessive earwax or foreign bodies, ensuring optimal ear health and hearing.
Emergency medical services
Immediate and expert care for critical medical conditions and accidents, ensuring the best response during life-threatening situations.
Effective respiratory treatment that helps in delivering medication directly to the lungs for conditions like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases.
Lab Results
Accurate and timely laboratory testing and diagnostics, with easy-to-understand results to assist in your health management.
Air and Ground Medical Transportation
Rapid and safe medical transport solutions, both by air and road, equipped with state-of-the-art life support systems for patient safety and comfort.
Sutures and Minor Surgery
Expertise in performing minor surgical procedures and wound management, ensuring rapid healing and minimal scarring.
Women, Children, and Adults General Medical Consultation
Comprehensive medical consultations tailored for all age groups – from children to adults – ensuring holistic healthcare for your family.
PAP Smear Analysis
Essential screening for cervical cancer and other related conditions, conducted in a safe and private setting with timely and accurate results.
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What they say about us
Read what our patients have to say about their experiences at our clinic.
Saw a doctor within 30 minutes who was fantastic (and bilingual which is comforting when spainglish is the best you have) at a reasonable rate. She clearly described what I was experiencing, why and sent me off with a prescription while answering all my questions. Wish I had care like this back in the states. Also wish I had her name to leave here!
Tony Keidel
Google Review
We had an excellent experience at Paradise yesterday. Our friend needed stitches and the doctor took care of it in a super professional way. The staff is friendly and very welcoming, overall.
Enrrol Fell
Google Review
Dr Gutiérrez and his whole staff (including the lab) are quite extraordinary. Their care, professionalism and follow up are better than anything I’ve experienced in the U.S.
Follow his instructions exactly and you will get better rapidly.
Naomi Porat
Google Review
Excellent service after a motorcycle accident!
They have been assisting me in the care of my injuries and all have been excellent professionals!
I can not be more grateful for the attention and professionalism received. Thank you so much!
Nina Manchis Mas
Google Review
Received really great care at this facility -- fast service for a walk in. Dr. Leo (Gutierrez) saw my mom for extreme abdominal pain and quickly identified the problem as appendicitis. We were terrified when we heard the word surgery, but Dr. Leo laid out all the options for us clearly and found us the best care. It was a really scary experience but the care made it a lot easier to navigate. He even rode in the ambulance with us the whole way to San Jose.
Nicole Opalinski
Google Review
Thank you paradise medical! Dr. Diana is a incredible Dr. I was freshly out of cancer treatment and came down with a sickness while visiting causing pneumonia. I could not imagine a better experience considering the scary situation. The front desk staff is amazing as well.🙏 thank you!
Jeff Niccum
Google Review
My boyfriend managed to lacerate his forehead while surfing, so we went to the clinic for stitches as a walk in. He was seen immediacy by Diana and received brilliant treatment. The sutures are exceedingly neat and I doubt there will be much of a scar once healed.
For emergency care in Player Guiones I would highly recommend.
We also didn’t get insurance because of the pandemic and how hard it is to get it right now, and the treatment was affordable and probably cheaper than our excess would have been.
Suzannah Kerrigan
Google Review
The people that work at the front desk are super amazing and friendly and even help you with little details that you might not think of. The woman physician there is hands-down the best. She help me figure out a problem with a dog bite that was very serious and she really resolve the problem with a great attitude and wonderful bedside manner. I really loved her. Super good medical service unsolved mystery problem.
Elisa Marie Florez
Google Review
Nosara: (506) 2682-1212 • Dominical: (506) 2201-5165
Whatsapp / Nosara: 8909-5769 • Domincal: 8623-4646